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Welcome to Toan Thang Hotel

Toan Thang hotel comprises of all the characteristics and architecture which make up Bac Ha. With 20 comfortable rooms, a restaurant, The hotel will be sure to please any tourist who comes here. Now Toan Thang has two wings, the old one is a house on stilt and the new one is a mordern house. Our hotel provides rooms in different standards, the standard depending on size of the room, location in the building, type of bed, ranging from normal twinbeds to kingsize beds and the availability of a balcony. Some rooms have the possibility to add an extra bed. All rooms have private bathrooms with hot water and hair dryer. Most of them have a bathtub but all have a shower. Mini bar and room service are available and coffee and tea making amenities are included in every room.

Service hotel - Dịch Vụ nhà nghỉ khách sạn

Our hotel services try to meet your needs and expectations. The charge is considerably low, comparing to the other hotel services.
(Khách sạn có một số dịch vụ cộng thêm. Chi phí vừa phải nhưng có thể mang lại sự tiện lợi đáng kể cho quý khách)
Bike hiring - Cho thuê xe máy
Bạn có thể thuê xe máy của khách sạn để đi du ngoạn.
Giá thuê(không bao xăng):
Thứ 7, CN & Ngày Lễ                                  Các Ngày Khác
             1 Ngày200.000đ                                        160.000đ
          1 Giờ70.000đ                                          50.000đ
 You can wander around by our motorbike. Vietnam driving license is required.
Charge (Fill up gasoline your own):
Saturday, sun day & National Holidays   The Other Days
                             Per Day$10                                                   $8
                               Per Hour$3.5$2.5

- Laundry - Dịch vụ giặt ủi              15000đ / 1kg
Cooking - Nấu nướng                   Thoả thuận -- Unfixed charge

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